Welcomed to The BX Lee Spa & Reflexology, We offer Lavender hot pack. Rose Spa reflexology. Sauna Foot-bath, Hot stone reflexology body work. Whether you’re seeking relief from an injury, hoping to release aches and pains, or simply want to rest and rejuvenate. We Offer a traditional reflexology relaxing music with BOSE top quality music stereo system for maximum relaxing and can accommodate up to 10 persons at the same time. 

The BX Lee Spa & Reflexology first establishment since 1985 in Guangzhou, China. Having served Chinese people with best reflexology, and full massage for over 30 years. We offer best quality eastern style oriental medical health by professional certified reflexology therapist at best prices in Las Vegas. Customer satisfy are our top priority, Great just isn’t great enough. We always ask ourselves for better improvement, and serve better to all our loving customers. We are contribute our life 120% to become feature, and the best in Las Vegas reflexology type massage industry.